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What Students are Saying

“Sean was inspiring and engaging, and I feel so fortunate to have worked with him. He has great experience in his field, and gives some of the best advice to students I have ever heard. Sean inspired me to be proactive in the business world, as he does with all his other students. He has a very fun personality and is extremely knowledgeable.”Erika Harrar - YouTube Strategist at Google
“Sean O’Keefe instructed the most valuable course I have taken. His assignments launched me into the business world and gave me confidence to have great success at my job on Day 1 after graduation. Through the assignments I built a professional network from scratch, meeting with high ranking executives. I recommend the course to any student who wants to get ahead in the business world. The course eliminated my stress about life after college and my feelings of anxiousness about the transition from student to business professional.”Brad O'Laughlin - IT Advisory Associate at KPMG US
“I greatly appreciate Sean. I landed an internship with one of the executives from Google X ! Not only was his course fun and engaging, but the assignments allowed me to expand my professional network. I would have paid thousands of dollars for the relationships I built as a result of Sean’s course. To have a leader like Sean consistently tell his students that he will always be there to support them and to see the genuine care he had for each individual added much value. His course has a very holistic take and was one I thoroughly enjoyed.” Lydia Ku - Assurance Associate at PwC


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